Basic Life Support Merit Badge
Basic Life Support Merit Badge

Merit Badge

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EMT's Are Ready to Help You
EMT's Are Ready to Help You

EMTs come with the training needed to help you in a dire situation.

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Lifeguard who train on BLS are Ready
Lifeguard who train on BLS are Ready

Lifeguards like many other professional rescuers should have BLS training as they can have a wide range of issues to deal with.

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Basic Life Support Merit Badge
Basic Life Support Merit Badge

Merit Badge

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Participants Will Learn 

  • The professional rescuer's role in medical emergencies

  • How to assess a victim's condition

  • Basic life support, including rescue breathing, cardiac emergencies and CPR airway obstruction

  • How to properly and effectively use an automated external defribrillation (AED)

Course Information

  • 5.0 hour class

  • Sessions available Mon-Fri

  • Sessions available on Saturday (contact us for pricing)



Today's professional responders encounter many challenges such as natural and man-made disasters and infectious diseases. Responders may require increased training to effectively handle these emergencies. This in-depth course focuses on immediate life-threatening situations, and demonstrates how to respond quickly and effectively. As importantly, it provides real-world perspectives on how frequently these situations occur to help provide context and retain knowledge. 

Who Would Benefit

  • Health care providers

  • Emergency response teams

  • EMS professionals, firefighters, police and paramedics

  • Lifeguards, athletic trainers and medical assistants

  • Individuals requiring certification

Materials Included

  • Participant Guide

  • Access to the NSC online video library

  • Packets for classroom activities

  • Various equipment for class activities

Course Lessons

  • Role of the Professional Rescuer

  • Victim Assessment of Basic Life Support

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

  • Airway Obstructions

  • Special Resuscitation Situations

  • Advanced Resuscitation

You will be certified on BOTH Adult & Pediatric (toddler & infant) Victims.  

Course Cost

  • $50 Per Student​ 

  • Certification Card is good for 2 years

  • Issued by the National Safety Council

  • Minimum enrollment - 3 participants

  • Maximum enrollment - 10 participants

  • Cost INCLUDES the OptimumLife Partner-Return program