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Did you know that the current survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is less than 7%? Dramatically improve those odds with training that prepares participants to respond to a medical emergency. 

NOTE:  It is recommenced Office Safety Personnel / Officers take the FIRST AID|CPR | AED ENHANCED class.  Studies show the type of office incidents reported fall into First Aid support.

Participants Will Learn To

  • To take action in a medical emergency

  • Assess the victim

  • Provide basic life support, including airway management, breathing and circulation

  • Use an AED

  • Learn the difference between standard CPR and CPR for a choking victim

Course Information

  • 4.0 hour class

  • We can run a morning and afternoon class both in the same day!

  • Sessions available Mon-Fri

  • Sessions available on Saturday (contact us for pricing)

Who Would Benefit

  • Emergency Response Teams

  • Teachers & Coaches

  • Retirement Home Staff

  • General Employees

  • Hotel Staff & Concierge

  • Volunteer Security Teams

Materials Included

  • Participant Guide

  • Access to the NSC online video library

  • Packets for classroom activities

  • Gloves for practice with preventing disease transmission

Course Lessons

  • Acting in an Emergency

  • Preventing Disease Transmission

  • Check the Victim

  • Recovery Position

  • Adult CPR 1-1 Rescuer to Victim

  • Adult CPR 2-1 Rescuers to Victim

  • Adult AED

  • Pediatric CPR 1-1 Rescuer to Victim

  • Pediatric AED

  • Choking (Adult & Pediatric)

You will be certified on BOTH Adult & Pediatric (toddler & infant) Victims.  


Course Cost

  • $45 Per Student​ 

  • Certification Card is good for 2 years

  • Issued by the National Safety Council

  • Minimum enrollment - 5 participants

  • Maximum enrollment - 10 participants

  • Cost INCLUDES the OptimumLife Partner-Return program

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