We bring the full complement of  First Aid training and development.   to your place of business.


This includes instructions in First Aid, CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator, Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens, and Basic Life Support.  


Servicing the North, Central, and South Texas area, our mobile suites allow employees to attend training and return to their office/station that very same day.    



Part of our support program OptimumLife will return to the workplace 3 months after completing any of our CPR/AED classes for a 2-hour refresher training on 7 class lessons. 


This class is intended to build “muscle memory”, reduce mistakes when rendering aid, and keeps employees up-to-date on the latest skills.


This fresher training is FREE of CHARGE.   


Just like our business model, OptimumLife offers classes to the public in  First Aid (Standard & Enhanced), CPR certification, and AED. 


Classes are scheduled locally and offerred on weekends.  Sessions are designed to be flexible so you can complete your certification in 1 or 2 sessions and still have time for friends | family on the weekends.


As a provider of the National Safety Council services, all our classes are updated to meet ALL the 2015 CPR and ECC OSHA Guidelines. 

Some services claim to finish training in a few hours, often cutting out categories recommended by OSHA or eliminating activities and drill time.  

All students who attend any OptimumLife class receive hands on training with First Aid gear, CPR Manikins, and  AEDs. 



OptimumLife LLC was established on one simple principle – bring life saving skills to the community through professional training, demonstration and create a lasting business relationship beyond the classroom.   


We bring the full complement of various First Aid certification classes to your place of business including local public classes.  Our Business classes service the North, Central, and South Texas area, our mobile suites allow employees to attend training and return to work that very same day.  Our Public classes are available in the Austin area (see our schedule).


As an authorized provider of services from the National Safety Council, OptimumLife, LLC is dedicated to spreading life-saving knowledge to our communities, skills that can save a life. First Aid and CPR certification classes are delivered in a relaxed learning environment, one where everyone is able to participate, have questions answered, and be given the opportunity to demonstrate skills learned for a better understanding of how to deliver in a time of need.  

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PH: 512.903.9194

Approved Training Center for the National Safety Council (NSC)

HUB Certified Business in the State of Texas

Member of the Great Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC)